Top Factors for Choosing the Right Source of Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-fed beef is a meat that comes from cows that have been raised free range eating grass. The meat commonly found is that which comes from grain-fed cows, which are also given growth hormones and antibiotics to keep them growing quickly. Companies that produce grass-fed beef leave their cattle to roam freely and eat grass so that they grow naturally. The nutrient composition of grass-fed beef is better compared to grain-fed beef. However, not all companies that claim to produce grass-fed beef can be trusted to provide the quality of meat expected, which can be a sad situation. It is crucial to evaluate different factors about a source of grass-fed beef to ensure that you are getting the best quality. Among the vital aspects of concern when choosing the right source of grass-fed beef such as those recognized by the American Criollo Beef Association are those provided below.

You should find information about the raising of cattle in a firm that deals with grass-fed beef. When you find out the process of raising cattle by a specific company, you will know if its meat meets your quality expectations of genuine grass-fed beef. It is crucial to look at different pointers that can let you know if it is pure grass-fed beef. You should buy from a firm that does not fit its cattle on antibiotics, grain products, and growth hormones. Also ensure that the company keeps its cattle in vast fields and fields cows in clean feedlots. You should purchase from a company that performs DNA testing before harvesting to verify superior quality and tenderness. You also need to find information concerning what a company feeds its cows during winter when it is impossible to access natural grass, to be sure that it uses natural feeds such as hays and alfalfa. Ascertaining the quality of grass-fed meat ensures that you get nothing short of the value you seek to gain from seeking this kind of meat compared to what is conventionally available.

You need to consider the ease of purchasing grass-fed beef from a particular company like . It should be possible to have the option of buying in person or online depending on your location for maximum convenience. It is also crucial to choose a company that provides prompt delivery services so that the meat will get to you when it is fresh for consumption. It should also be affordable to buy the grass-fed beef from a specific company depending on market rates, and the same should apply for delivery charges.

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